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 Onsite Hypochlorite Production Generator

Disinfection for Aquatics & Pools

Maintain the water quality of your commercial & competitive pools

One of the most important responsibilities of safeguarding Aquatic installations is to ensure proper disinfection methods are used for bathers.  A properly disinfected pool is one that has algae and other organisms under control and the chance of infection transmission is minimal.

The disinfection process of swimming pools and spas is impacted by a variety of factors. These include the pH balance of the water, its temperature, environmental wastes, and user contamination. There is a balancing act between the level of contaminants and waste in the water and the amount of disinfection that should be used. The more contamination in the water, the more disinfectant you’ll need. 

The most common chemicals used in swimming pool disinfection are bromine and chlorine. These chemicals react with and kill inactive microorganisms and oxidize other contaminants in the water. Oxidation is essential to maintaining a sanitary swimming environment to help reduce the number of pathogens brought into the water by bathers and the environment.

Hypochlorite Generation Systems

akklor offers on-site hypochlorite generating systems that produce a dilute sodium hypochlorite solution concentration using salt, water, electricity and an electrochemical process.  Producing hypochlorite on-site eliminates safety concerns and costs associated with the transportation, storage and handling of bulk chemicals commonly used in pools.  The lower strength disinfectant solution also facilitates maintaining proper pool balance by decreasing pH adjustments when dosing. 

These small-scale generators used for the production of hypochlorite, that is, recommended by by the World Health Organization among the disinfectants effective against viruses and bacteria, including Covid-19; It is the perfect solution for public institutions, hospitals, hotels, schools, factories, municipalities, high-level care facilities and other places.

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